We have a routine that's better for us, making a much happier family!

4 years old and 22 months old

Before my sleep training with Becky Sleep Nanny, I was beyond exhausted. My husband and I both work full-time and my husband works shifts. Sleep is precious and back then our nights were long.

Before training, neither of the girls would ever let Daddy play a part in bedtime or night wakes (literally screaming the house down until I came in). Both had suffered with horrendous reflux, allergies and bowel pain as small babies so they were accustomed to regular waking and never stopped, even when the pain did. Multiple times a night, they would wake each other and call out for Mummy. I ended up putting them in one room together in bunk beds to make night responding easier.

Leading up to working with Becky Sleep Nanny, both girls were playing up at bedtime, not getting in their beds and I was getting stressed and short with them. This on top of the sleepless nights made things harder. Then covid hit me; it really made me realise I couldn’t go on functioning with such little sleep. I needed change for my health and sanity. A good night for me at this stage was not seeing every hour! I was at my wit’s end.

Now, post Becky Sleep Nanny, both girls fall asleep alone (in their own original rooms) and stay asleep for about 12 hours. I now have sleep!! It has taken me a few weeks to adjust to unbroken sleep but my stress levels have decreased and I am much happier. Bedtime routine is complete within half an hour and they let Daddy participate in bedtime and night wakes (occasional trips to the toilet!). 

Before sleep training, I knew I needed to rectify the situation but it took me so long to seek help. I have no idea why! I knew I needed help and to be held to account. It wasn’t going to sort itself out and I needed the push of Becky Sleep Nanny to help us break the terrible habits. Becky Sleep Nanny patiently listened to our challenges, got to know our children and promptly designed a plan that was catered to them. During the process, she was on hand to answer questions and keep me focussed. The first few days were hard but the daily diary helped to keep me on track. As the days went on, Becky listened to how the girls reacted and offered tweaks. We now have a routine that is better for all of us, making a much happier family!Thank you, Becky Sleep Nanny! It has been life-changing!

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