Watch my interview with the dream parenting team, Anu and Palash. This lovely couple achieved amazing results with me after just three weeks! Before we started together, this family were all suffering from severe sleep deprivation as a result of their daughter's sleep challenges. They'd done their own research but lacked the confidence and support they needed to put it into practice. After working with me, they are rested, confident, happy and back to enjoying life to the full! Learn more about their amazing journey here.

Sleep Success Stories

Watch my interview with the lovely Helen - sleep deprived mummy of two girls (4y & 22m), who were both waking constantly through the night. We turned all of this around in just 2 short weeks and now BOTH girls sleep like super stars.

We have a routine that's better for us, making a much happier family!

4 years old and 22 months old

It’s incredible how drastically two weeks can change your life!

2.5 years old and 8 months old

Our two children now self-settle and sleep through the night! 

4 year old and 17 months old

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